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Temporary Fence Panels for Construction Sites and Special Events
 Serving the Bay Area,  South Counties and the Central Coast

After 25 years in the business... we get asked these questions the most:

Q.  How soon can we get our Temporary Fence installed?
A.  Well, we can respond like the fire department if needed but a couple days to a week helps us with our scheduling.

Q.  Can our Temporary Fence be installed on the weekend or after hours?
A.  Yes, there are no extra charges for weekends or after hours. 

Q.  I noticed the price is simple and by the linear foot but how long can I keep the Temporary Fence on my site for this linear foot price?
A.  Your linear foot price is good for 6 months use.  If you need your Temporary Fence for longer than 6 months we can renew your rental contract for a second six month term if needed or pro-rate it for less time, just ask.

Q.  If I pay for the first six month rental term and only need it for, as an example four months, will I get a refund for the unused time?
A.  No, because the price is based on a fixed overhead cost for delivery, set-up and pick-up.  

Q.  If we have a Special Event lasting only one or two days, do we have to pay the six month price?
A.  No, the price for a Special Event Temporary Fence will be lower because the rental time is so short. 

Q.  Can I pick up the Temporary Fence panels at your shop then return them when we are done to save money?
A.  No, because we use specially designed vertical fence panel racks for safe transport and to keep the Temporary Fence Panels from getting damaged and entangled as happens when transporting horizontal.  Safety is always very important.

Q.  Are the gate openings wide enough for easy large truck access?
A.  With the gate opening of 20 feet in width and consisting of two ten foot swinging Fence Panels will be ample room for even the largest trucks. On a swinging gate opening you would generally like to install a simple chain and lock for security and added visual security.

Q.  Do I have to be present during the Temporary Fence installation?
A.  It’s not always necessary.  We can in many cases do the Temporary Fence installation just from information over the phone or with a simple hand drawn site plan e-mailed (PDF file)  to us.

Q.  Can we install our own privacy  wind screen to the Temporary Fence Panels?
A.  Yes, but remember that adding privacy wind screen fabric can cause large wind loads to the Temporary Fence.  More often than not it is necessary to add additional ground driven T-bars or ground driven pipe posts to provide additional support to the Temporary Fence.  Let us know so we can help you plan for this.  Sometimes just adding angles to the Temporary Fence line during the intial installation can help give the needed side load strength. 

Q.  Can I move the Temporary Fence Panels to another site location address?
A.  No, you cannot relocate the Temporary Fence Panels to another project site address as it is rented for one site and for the life of that project. 

Q.  How much notice is required for the pickup of the Temporary Fence?
A.  One week.  If we are able to pickup your Temporary Fence sooner we are happy to do so.

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